I am so excited to share with you this extraordinary opportunity I had to present the Zero Frequency® training at the University Autonoma del Oeste (UANE) and the Colegio Americano, both in Saltillo, Mexico.

In attendance at these trainings was the University’s dean, directors, professors and heads of the departments at the UANE University, and the director, administrators and teachers at the Colegio Americano.

I must admit that at first, I was a little bit worried presenting to this highly educated group and university professors, but I noticed they were very receptive and happy to learn how reaching Zero could help them enhance their own lives, their co-workers lives, and the lives of their students. Also finding their own talents and how to utilize them to attract more happiness and peace in their personal and professional lives; and how this would help them to accomplish their mission in an easy and fun way.

This was such an inspiring experience for me; I had the opportunity to confirm one more time, that very formally educated souls are also looking and open for a different way, and are willing to open up and relate beyond what their intellect tells them. Even very educated people are starting to notice that the old ways don’t work anymore, and the only way is a mind-set change that can adjust to this new paradigm we are all facing.

This is what the Dean of the University wrote to me:

“Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and knowledge regarding the Zero Frequency® Program. Our personnel was pleasantly surprised with how something so simple – or at least that’s how you conveyed it – can be so powerful and have the ability to transform us and, therefore, offer our university a greater probability of development.

Going back to zero, and letting go of negative emotions and habits can open up a new world. It’s like starting over, from a new platform, where we are able to keep all of our knowledge and abilities, but eliminate all of our self imposed limits.

Continue teaching. Many of us will thank you for it. With no further ado, I wish to reiterate my deep respect and gratitude.” – Dean Higinio González Calderón

And this is what the General Director of Colegio Americano wrote:

“The Conference imparted an excellent philosophy which will allow us to implement important changes in ourselves and in our environment.” – Jorge Alanís Villareal, General Director

Guess what? The following day, as I was about to board the plane back to Los Angeles, I received a call. It was Dean Higinio González Calderón to invite me back, but this time he wants me to present to their students!!

No doubt we are all looking for the same things, and no matter how much education we have; underneath it all, we are all looking for peace, happiness and freedom, and for that we need to start thinking outside the box.

I’ve just shared Zero Frequency® in Budapest, Hungary, Bucharest, Romania and in Moscow, Russia. Now, I am so looking forward to sharing with you Madrid, Spain, Zagreb, Croatia and Israel. Can’t wait to see you there!

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