Do you really think we have free will?

I believe that we have the power of free choice, not free will. Why? Because we are never really free. We are asleep, living on automatic pilot, allowing our programs to choose for us. We do this at the subconscious level, so we don’t even have a clue we’re doing it. We think we are in control, but the truth is we are not.

What is the part of us that thinks it is in control, what part does the choosing for us? Does that part really understand or know how to make the best choices for us? I don’t think so.

Our choices are based on our past experiences, memories and programs, all those beliefs, fears, opinions and judgments that have been downloaded into our subconscious minds.

If you think you have the power of free will, think again. The truth is you are a conditioned being, allowing your memories and programs to decide for you. What really controls your choices is all the data accumulated in your subconscious mind. And like a computer loaded with unhelpful old programming, you are at the mercy and whims of your faulty software.

I don’t think we have free will!

Here is where the power of free choice comes in. You are free to choose to react from your old, replayed memories, or “let go and let God” and you get in that place of Zero Frequency® where you give permission for inspiration (that which only comes from God, or the universe, a higher power) to find the perfect solutions and answers for you.

The truth is that everything is always perfect. What you call your problems are perfect experiences you have attracted to yourself to become better and stronger, more conscious and aware. When you accept that everything is perfect, that you are not alone, when you let go and give permission to the part of you that knows better, inspiration comes calling.

And that is where the magic really is!

Letting go can be a lot easier than you think. It can be done simply by refusing to engage and repeating “thank you” or “I love you” in your mind.

So whenever unfortunate things happen to you, just choose to say “thank you” or “I love you”, knowing in your heart that everything is a blessing.

This is often another way of saying or showing to your adversities the other cheek, the cheek of love.

You have to learn to see beyond the veil of illusion, because the way you perceive your life and everyone in it is inevitably so limited. The rewards come when you are willing to let go. Only when you let go will you see the big picture.

Once you begin to practice and reach the place of Zero Frequency® you will react and engage less and less, and have fewer opinions, judgments, expectations and beliefs. One way to let go it is to say “thank you” or “I love you.” It works like the stop button on a CD player. You can choose to listen to the CD that’s constantly playing, talking to it, trying to convince it to change (engaging), or you can simply choose to say, “thank you” or “I love you” (pressing the stop button), and let go. Please notice that you can talk all you want, but the CD is really powerless. It can’t do anything. It just keeps playing and playing, going round and round in an endless, meaningless loop. When you let go, you are giving God or the universe ( a part of you that knows better) permission to intervene and remove the CD, and when that happens you return to the void, to the state of absolute zero, the state of unfettered bliss where inspiration freely flows and where the magic happens effortlessly!

Now you are in the flow, Zero Frequency® that will put you at the right place, at the right time with the right people.