Simply put, Zero Frequency® is a philosophy for returning to your authentic power and creating a state of peace, limitless, and abundance. It’s a state of Being where inspiration becomes your source for all of life’s big and small decisions.

At Zero, you simply are! Content, complete, and happy. At Zero, you have empowering confidence that anything is possible, and no one can stop you from overcoming the inner and outer challenges of the world.

Put another way; Zero Frequency® is where the magic begins.

Zero Frequency® is Already Yours.

Yes, it’s true. At this moment, you already possess everything you need to access the state of Zero. It’s your natural condition. It’s how you were born and how you were meant to live.

Great artsts and top-performing athletes experience Zero Frequency® regularly. They call it being in the zone—the place of peak performance where the mind is still, and time seems to stop. Of course, they don’t reach that state by accident; they train themselves to access it every possible moment, ever striving to enter and stay in this magical place. We can all do the same. All we need to do to begin is to take personal responsibility and the power of Presence.

Unfortunately, most of us are rarely present. We’re continually recycling memories of the past and worrying about the future. Of course, we weren’t always this way. As children, we lived at Zero Frequency® until we “learned” our way out of it as we were programmed by well-meaning teachers, parents, and society.

The good news is that we can let go of these old tapes and remove any limitations on what we can accomplish and experience. We can get back to this state of pure awareness. We can do it today.

And once we live from Presence, we will be able to express gratitude, while letting go and practicing peace. From this state of Being, we can free ourselves from the chains of all our subconscious programming, and all our preconceived ideas, memories, and beliefs.

Ultimately, it is in this state, where we realize our true potential—how powerful we are. It’s also where all the answers to life’s problems will be found. Best of all, it’s where life becomes the adventure it was always meant to be.

Zero Frequency® is our way back to a better life.

Ho’oponopono and the Path to Zero Frequency®My path to Zero Frequency® evolved as a product of my work with Ho’oponopono—the ancient Hawaiian art of problem-solving. For twelve life-changing years, I lived with Dr. Ihaleakalá, a student of Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona, the original creator of Self Identity through Ho’oponopono. By the time Ihaleakalá decided to retire, the torch had been passed to me. I began to teach Ho’oponopono.

As a lifelong practitioner and leading authority on Ho’oponopono, why I have to create a new program? The answer is simple: today’s seeker needs to be presented truth with real-world tools, and in a more practical and modern way—one that simultaneously speaks to the mind and heart, while also cutting through many of the mind traps and illusions that prevent us from experiencing truth. Zero Frequency® is this path—a direct pipeline back to who we are—to our true essence.