Based on the work of Dr. Robert S. Hartman and Wayne Carpenter, the Critical Thinking assessment measures one’s capacity to make judgments about the world and one’s self according to our personal level of understanding (Clarity) and how much importance we place on it (Attention/Bias). People who score well in Critical Thinking also rate high in analysis, problem solving skills, overall job knowledge and performance. Weakness in our judgment opens up the risk for poor decisions which can lead to poor performance. When we understand potential limitations and blind spots, we can intentionally account for them to make balanced, conscious decisions.

Our ability to think critically and make sound, balanced judgments occurs subconsciously; it is fascinating that our brain is making decisions before we even consciously make them! Before any action can take place, our thoughts are subject to different biases in our judgment and are affected by our behavioral style, Emotional Intelligence, training and skills practice, reasoning ability and more.

This assessment measures and provides insight into our Thinking Style, made up of 2 key areas – Critical Processing Patterns and Thinking Strengths & Abilities. Critical Processing Patterns are evaluated in:

  • Intuitive Thinking: The ability to see, understand and appreciate the uniqueness in others and in situations; having a gut instinct.
  • Practical Thinking: The ability to see, understand and compare the functional worth of things and the short-term outcomes of a situation or event.
  • Systems/Conceptual Thinking: The ability to see understand and appreciate the need for order, structure, standards and big picture thinking.



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