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At Zero is where the real magic begins. We all know that if we use the Ho’oponopono cleaning tools “thank you” and “I love you” we can reach zero. How can we be more at zero? Are there tactics to be consistently conscious
Moment to moment, we are thinking, reacting and worrying. So, moment to moment we have to do what we call, “cleaning”, and we can do it by simply saying “I love you” or “thank you”. This way, we stop stories and come back to zero. The more we practice this, the more aware we become, and we will be able to know right away when we are not a zero. This way, when realize we are not at zero, we can make a conscious choice to bring us back to it. So, the key is to help ourselves be an automatic mode. For example, our inner child, the subconscious mind in us, is the part in us that breathes for us 24 hours a day. This part can also do the Ho’oponopono cleaning of “thank you” or “I love you,” automatically. It’s like everything else; you have to practice, practice and practice. You must practice it. The more you practice this, the more automatic and natural it becomes; it is also effortless. You will soon realize that you’re more conscious of it, for longer periods of time.

At zero we are happy for no reason. 
-We have happy memories, the birth of our kids, our college graduation, etc. Being at zero is a different kind of experience. Where does this kind of happiness come from?

We can be happy with memories of our loves. We can be happy while remembering our children’s birth, or by many other things. But, without attachments, without thinking we lack or long for something past, and without feeling the need to relive the experiences. It doesn’t work that way. We can remember without being attached to it, without the emotional reaction. Those emotional reactions are the ones that take us to the past and don’t allow us to be in the present.

So, when people ask me: “how can I forget? What if it’s a good or nice memory?” I always remind them; First of all, the part within us that says “this is nice”, “this is happy” or “this is correct” is the same part of us that has all the opinions, beliefs and judgments and is that part that knows nothing. 

We must first be aware of this. Second, it’s not about forgetting. Once again, what we clean is the reaction, so that we can stop attracting the things that don’t work in our lives. Of course we can remember the good or bad experiences. 

At zero I can let go of whatever It’s not me, I can discover who I am and I fall in love with myself.
-Would you like to share some special techniques we can use to reach zero, until your next seminar in Budapest?

I’m not my opinions, neither my judgments nor my beliefs. When I start to let go all of that and start to get memories erased, I start rediscovering myself, I start to realize who I really am, and how I create and attract things to my life. What are the things you can do until the next seminar in Budapest? Remind yourself, moment by moment of all the things you can be grateful for, and that immediately, will take you back to zero. Your vibration and energy will change immediately and you’re going to start attracting totally different things into your life. You will soon be more and more at zero. It all depends on the conversations we keep having in our heads, a matter of what we tell ourselves. We need to change chattering in our heads and focus on the things we can be grateful for, or ask ourselves “What am I concentrating or focusing on?” Maybe we we’re focusing on all the negative things but there are many positive ones happening too. They say we are like a camera; we attract that which we focus on. Therefore, It’s very important to stoop the chattering so that we can bring ourselves back to zero more often. Like I said before, we will also start creating and attracting different things to our lives. Did you know that there are a lot of people cleaning in Hungary?
Yes, thanks to Klara Mora we have a lot of people practicing the Ho’oponopono cleaning in the Hungary, and living more at zero.

Your community here keeps on growing incredibly. We are infinitely grateful for your Ho’oponopono and Zero Frequency® resources.
Is there any movie or book you would like to recommend to your Hungarian community?

I recommend you to see the movie “Gravity”. Please, don’t miss it. Watch it and think about it. You will have more appreciation for our Mother Earth and will discover how privileged we are to be here. You will understand that we are all part of a GREAT PLAN.

Klara Mora

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Get The Zero Frequency® Starter Pack Free!

Book Preview and 2 Video Resources to help you connect with the Peace, Happiness, and Abundance you deserve, and your Natural and Limitless State of “Zero.”

  Check this box to sign up for Mabel Katz's free newsletter to receive news and inspiration.

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