Every child is unique with natural talents and perfect rhythm. Zero frequency® is about to preserve their innate qualities.

With the techniques I have discovered stay tuned with our Zero Frequency® is very easy. The secret is open up the door to find out our identity. Discover our true identity is the key. This way we allow our passion and inspiration to be our compass. All the tools I found out help us to be more in the present moment and to be more conscious and awake to be able to ask the right questions to get the right answers.

We need to start with young people because we cannot allow them to go through what we already went through. If they are happy will create happy communities, universities and schools and a better and peaceful world to live in. If they love and accept themselves they will be able to love and accept others. If they knew that they don’t need to be perfect that they are unique and perfect the way they are, they would accept their differences, appreciate diversity and respect others.


In this video that I’m sharing with you will be able to appreciate a little bit of what has happened during my Autónoma del Noreste University (UANE) student’s presentation.

Thank God for this opportunity. It was a great gift for me.

As you will see in the video the feedback and participation of the students was excellent. They were not required to attend. However, about 200 students met. There were people who asked to participate, even those with masters degrees, and they couldn’t. The truth is that this was a real gift for me. It was another confirmation that we can get to the young people, we can talk to them from our hearts as we are: humans, vulnerable and humble. It’s very important as parents to take 100% responsibility and put ourselves first in order to raise happy kids.

What excited me the most were the University president’s words while introducing me to them and their (his) commitment to make a change in their (his) student’s lives. An exceptional man really. After the presentation he said that he had offered Zero Frequency® to their teachers and Heads of Departments, and that they have already changed their position´s names. They decided now that all became in “Achievement’s Inspirers.” I loved it so much! I asked them if I could use it because when people ask me about the “titles” I don’t know what to tell them. I would like very much to call myself “Achievement’s Inspirer.”