Be Yourself and Ride the Zero Frequency® Wave

Right now, are you being yourself?

You might think you are being yourself, but most of the time you are not. None of us are. We are all conditioned to be concerned with the opinions of others, constantly seeking their approval, changing like chameleons based on what we believe they want. So great is our fear of rejection, the vast majority of us are willing to become whomever we feel others need us to be in order to be accepted, instead of trusting in our own beings, the truth of who we are, what feels right in our hearts.

Even when we are alone, we are uncomfortable with being ourselves. Our memories constantly take us back to those times when others didn’t make us feel good, when we felt rejected because we didn’t act the way others wanted us to, behave the way they wanted us to behave.

But you are not the person in those memories replaying. Whenever you allow your memories to control you, you are letting your subconscious mind make your choices and decisions for you. These memories control your thoughts and your feelings. They run your life. You think you are in control, but you are not.

Even when we obtain the approval of the outside world, when others are pleased and happy with us, the feeling of satisfaction is only temporary as those old, worn out and destructive programs and memories play over and over again at the back of our minds.

Outside approval gives us only a fleeting sense of satisfaction that quickly dissipates leaving us with the sense of emptiness left by our betrayal of our true selves.

Is this the way you really want to live?

What matters most is what you think of yourself. You must love and accept yourself exactly the way you are. When you are okay, everybody else is okay with you. When you approve of and love yourself, others love you and approve of you too. That is the way we all came into this world, and that is the way we all truly wish to live in our hearts.

Think back to a time when you allowed yourself to simply be you, trusting yourself and the goodness of the universe. A moment when you followed your own heart, making decisions based on your natural sense of knowing, your wisdom, instinctively trusting your choices were right for you, even though you couldn’t explain why. You were living in the state of Zero Frequency®.

There have probably been times when you didn’t care what others thought, when you were so sure and confident of yourself and felt so good and strong in your heart, you didn’t worry what other people said or thought. Then and only then did you discover the truth of your heart. That you are invincible and that everything is possible.

When you are yourself, you know the sky’s the limit. You embrace a powerful universal law.

Osho said, “You have to lose everything in order to be.”

Yes, you must let go of everything that is not you. That is the key to happiness, wealth and success in life. Being who you really are means letting go of all your programming, all those old memories and preconceptions. Most everything you have decided to believe about yourself is completely untrue and does not define you in any way.

You are not your problems, your opinions, or your judgments. You are above all of that.

To be or not be, this is the only true question. Your only job is to be yourself again. And in order to come back to yourself, to become yourself again, you must remember how to simply be. You must let go of all the knowledge in your mind, unlearning everything you have taught yourself in order to reconnect with your own wisdom, your true self, the wisdom of your heart.

What does it mean to be yourself? Being yourself is doing what you love, being happy. When you are yourself you live at Zero Frequency®.

When you are at Zero your intellect and emotions no longer dominate you. You are free. Only then you become an open channel, receiving the right ideas, the perfect solutions. In this place you begin to hear things you have never heard before, becoming an observer, noticing things you had never seen before. At Zero, you will be more aware and much more able to recognize the opportunities coming your way.

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Get The Zero Frequency® Starter Pack Free!

Book Preview and 2 Video Resources to help you connect with the Peace, Happiness, and Abundance you deserve, and your Natural and Limitless State of “Zero.”

  Check this box to sign up for Mabel Katz's free newsletter to receive news and inspiration.

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