40 Days to Transformation

Based on Mabel’s Book The Easiest Way To Live.

Zero Frequency® in Management

A workshop specifically designed for managers to guide you to “lead from Zero” so that you can amplify not only your own performance, but the performance of those around you.

Harness You & Your Team’s Power… At Zero.

Many seminars focus on adding skill sets to improve performance. At the 1 or 2-day Zero Frequency® in Management training, you’ll discover an exponential increase in effectiveness of you and your team’s existing skills and talents.

You’ll find innate abilities previously inaccessible due to unconscious beliefs and habits of thinking.

When you lead from Zero, you bring a palpable inner peace, confidence, and strength.

Management decisions become clearer. Focus improves as you become free from worry, negative chatter, and stress created by your mind’s repetitive patterns.

Managers who apply Zero Frequency® in the workplace are amazed to fine they naturally:
  • Create a calm and balanced work environment
  • Lead from inspiration and discover that everything flows effortlessly
  • Release the stress that blocks success
  • Are happier and more productive (and so are those they manage)
  • Encourage confidence and creativity in themselves and others
  • Begin working at their full potential and inspire their team to also do so
  • Are open and flexible to new ideas and perceptions

If you’d like to become a powerful leader, find more clarity and meaning in your work, and allow inspiration and flow to come to the forefront of your workplace so that perfect decisions and solutions flow effortlessly, then I invite you to join me at Zero Frequency® for Management.

Your way out of the desert of your mind

Have you been tempted lately? by food? a poor relationship choice? skipping exercise? lack of money? depression? worries?

Perhaps you've noticed that temptations seem to be part of the human condition no matter how many times you clean?

As our great leaders through time have been tempted, Jesus, Buddha and Moses to name a few, the same it is true for us. No matter who you are, or how much you clean and let go, there will be those days when you will also be “tempted” to react out of memory.

Perhaps your ego is tempting you now as you read this invitation and is telling you that you have everything under control. All you have to do is clean, clean, clean. Which is true. As far as it goes.

However, here’s a unique opportunity to take a deeper look within yourself. To notice those old belief patterns and those all old habits that no longer serve you, but are still there running the show. Now is the time to look at yourself with loving eyes, and realize you are 100% responsible and you are the only one that can change your life.

Can you imagine how that might feel, to be at peace no matter what?

The only way is going through the desert of your mind and facing that you are the one creating the economical crisis, the lack of work; that you are the one responsible for those fears and those worries.

How do you do that? How are you aware and present most of the time? How do you resist temptation?

Mabel Katz - White

Join me for 40 days & 40 nights of inspiration and fun as you discover more of who you truly are.

You may start any day from any place and all you need is 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night, a computer and an internet connection!!

Do you deserver to invest a day in yourself?

You will find out that 100% responsibility is the easiest way to peace, happiness, freedom, love, wealth and success.

Let go of your lack of:

  • Courage
  • Trust
  • Persistence
  • Energy
  • Patience
  • Joy
  • Money

You will find:

  • Love
  • Faith
  • Strenght
  • Happiness
  • Patience
  • Enthusiasm
  • Wealth

Find The Easiest Way to Live Be willing to feel the fear and do it anyway.
Let go of your victim mentality. Get unstuck!

You will never be the same after you go through the desert of your mind and find yourself.

The 40 Days and 40 Nights Through The Desert of Your Mind series

begins when you sign up!!

Allow me to take you through the desert.
Going through it is the only way.
And guess what? It’s only US$40.

Here are some of the topics you will work on during our 40 Days & 40 Nights journey together:

Our 40 days and nights together will include videos, inspirational sessions, audios and articles to help you find the way out of your own desert into the fertile lands of all possibilities.


Yes, 40 Days & 40 nights for only $ 40

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We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you are not satisfied in the first 7 days of the program, please let us know and we’ll refund your money.

Premier Gold Members pay only US$20

I’m looking forward to sharing with you 40 days and 40 nights through daily short audios, videos and inspirations.
In Session IV, on Sunday, September 20, 2020, at 11 am Pacific Time, I will help you unlock the door to your real self—who you are, why you’re here, and the gifts you have to share with the world. Discover for yourself the power of opening your awareness to a deeper understanding of your purpose here on Earth. Together, we will let go of fear and shed the old tapes of who we thought we were. From this deep place of surrender, I will help you write a mission statement that comes from your heart—one that will bring clarity and meaning to your life so that you will be in tune with the abundant opportunities that these challenging times offer. Isn’t it time you know why you’re here?

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